With an uncompromising, original and visual storytelling style, French film director Stefana Brancastle lives and works in England, UK.

Following degrees in Fine Arts, then graduating in Dramatic Arts at the famous Cours Florent in France, her passion for storytelling & directing concluded with a masters degree in Filmmaking at The London Film School, UK.
Her interest in classical theatre followed a 4 year long drama collaboration in France with stage director Ruth Handlen (Royal Shakespeare Company).
She has worked on stage and film productions in France and Great Britain, of which Ron Howard's 'The Da Vinci Code', 'The Other Boleyn Girl' Dir. Justin Chadwick, and Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd".
Stefana wrote, directed & produced her first film ('Wilt Thou Forgive') in 2008.
A short period drama shot on 16mm, this film was made in collaboration with The National Gallery and the Dennis Sever's House Museum, London, UK.
Much appreciated for its boldness, originality & visual quality, this controversial short was received by a standing ovation from the audience and industry professionals upon its official screening at The National Gallery.

In 2013 Stefana started writing and producing 'The Mechanism of Suspended Time'/'Le Mechanism du Temps Suspendu', which completed in 2016.
An original work and independent production, this French period romantic film was produced & shot entirely without any CGI, blue/green screen, nor any digital VFX. It was all shot with in-camera effects only.
Together with the acclaimed cinematographer, Laurence Blyth, they developed a particular working method, forging new technics and equipment in order to respect this visual integrity of the film and ultimately its experience and impact upon the audience.

'The Mechanism of Suspended Time' is currently touring national & international film festivals.
Stefana is at present in development with her next feature film.