2016 - ‘THE MECHANISM OF SUSPENDED TIME’, music video. Dir/Writer/Editor: Stefana Brancastle

2016 - ‘ALBION TALES’, Drama, Alderton Partnership, Dir/Writer/Producer: Nic Alderton

2016 - V&A MUSEUM, Documentary, Cultureshock Media


2016 - ‘COLD FEET’ Promotion, ITV Productions

2016 -  TOYOTA, Promotional film

2016 -  The Kindness Offensive Adverts

2016 -  TOYOTA, Promotional film

2016 -  The Kindness Offensive Adverts

2013 -16 - THE MECHANISM OF SUSPENDED TIME - French period Film. Director, Producer, Writer, Editor: Stefana Brancastle

2015 - V&A MUSEUM Promotions, B Story Productions

2014 - BP HELIOS AWARDS, Documentary, BP TV Productions

2014 - V&A MUSEUM Promotions, B Story Productions

2013 - INSIDE OUT - Film. Psychological Drama. My Lovely Monster Productions Ltd. Director: Stefana Brancastle

2013-14 - GENDER REASSIGNMENT - Film. Writer & Dir: Adina Istrate. Scorched Spoon Productions. Script Developer: Stefana Brancastle

2012 - SHADOW BOXER - Film. Writer & Director: Nic Alderton. Soho House Films Productions

2011 - OUTLAND - Film, Psychological Drama, Dir & Writer: Adina Istrate. Script Consultant: Stefana Brancastle

2011 - OUTSIGHT - Sci-Fi drama, Dir: Anand Madaboushi. Production Designer: Stefana Brancastle

2010 - GUSTAV - Award Winning Psychological Drama. Feber Films, Writer & Dir: Yann Caloghiris. Producer & Production Designer: Stefana Brancastle

2010 - SALTO MORTALE, 35 mm Psychological Drama, Written & Directed: Christos Massalas. Co-Producer: Stefana Brancastle

2010 - THE DOWNBEAT, HD, Blues Drama, Dir: James Hills. Producer & Co-Production Designer: Stefana Brancastle

2009 - ONE DAY, REMEMBERING, 35mm B&W Short Drama. With: Rungano Nyoni. Producer & Co-Production Designer: Stefana Brancastle

2008 - INTERVIEW WITH THE ELEPHANT MAN, 16mm Documentary, Dir: Chi Yu: Producer: Stefana Brancastle

2008 - WILT THOU FORGIVE - 16mm Short Film. Drama collaboration with The National Gallery London. Director, Writer, Producer, Editor: Stefana Brancastle

2008 - THE WAIT, 16mm. Drama. LFS Productions. Dir: David de la Garza. Script Developer & Producer: Stefana Brancastle

2008 - IRIS, 16mm. Drama. LFS Productions. Dir: Anshu Poddar. Producer: Stefana Brancastle

2007 - 2008 - THE HANGING GARDEN, Feature Film, Cinderella Productions, Director & Writer: John Le Brocq. Script Developper & Editor: Stefana Brancastle 

2006 - CHECKMATE, Super 16mm. Thriller. LFA Productions. Lead Part: Matt Smith. Original Script: Stefana Brancastle

2006 - STATE OF GRACE - Super 16mm. Drama. LFA Productions. Writer & Director: Stefana Brancastle

2006 - THE CONJUROR – Stage Play adaptation. One woman show, International Visual Theatre, Paris / France. Writer & Director: Stefana Brancastle



2013 - COLD MILE HOUSE, Feature Film

Argon Green Productions LTD. Producer: Catherine Fitzgerald. Director: Christine Parker

Lead: Rebecca Corrigan

2012 - NOKIA, Commercial, STK Films

Lead: Self

2011 - VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, Stage Musical. Written & Composed by Simon Daniels

Lead: Nancy

2010 - LITTLE SIRENE, Animation Film - Bourne Leisure LTD. 

Lead VO, Little Sirene

2009 - THE MAN IN THE HABIT, Film. Director: Stewart Renwick. Imperial Film Productions

Lead: Jenny

2008 - WE ARE THE PEOPLE, Music Video, FEADER. Bikini Films. Director: David Mould, Producer: Ben Sullivan

Lead role: Vamp

2007 - THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL, Feature Film. BBC Films. Director: Justin Chadwick

Lead Support: Anna, Lady in Waiting to Queen Catherine D’Aragon

2007 - SWEENEY TODD, Feature Film. Warner Bros Pictures/DreamWork Pictures. Director: Tim Burton

Support: Lady Blanche

2007 - KING PONCE, Film (Short). UK Film Council / South Yorkshire Filmmakers. Director: Samuel DONOVAN

Lead: Miss Parkinson

2006 - THE PROMISE, Film (Short). Neath Films LTD. Director: Luke LOSEY

Lead: Rose

2006 - 28 WEEKS LATER, Feature Film, Fox Atomic, DNA Films. Director: Juan C.Fresnadillo

Lead Support: Catherine Dunn

2006 - THE DA VINCI CODE, Feature Film, Rose Line Productions. Director: Ron Howard

Support: Roman Temple Priestess

2006 - THE CONJUROR, STAGE: One Woman Show. International Visual Theatre, Paris / France. Director & Writer: Stefana Brancastle

Role: Mary Stuart

2005 - LA DIVINE COMEDIE. STAGE adaptation on Dante A.’s work Theatre Espace Marais, Paris / France. Writer & Director: Stefana Brancastle

Lead: Matelda

2004 - HAMLET, W. Shakespeare. STAGE – Theatre de St Denis Paris / France. Director R. Handlen (RSC)

Role: Ophelia

2003 - ROMEO & JULIET, W. Shakespeare. STAGE. Theatre de St Denis, Paris / France. Director: Ruth Handlen (RSC)

Lead: Juliet

2002 - LES TROIS FIGAROS. STAGE play after P.A.C. de Beaumarchais. Theatre Florent, Paris / France. Director: Christian Crozet

Lead: Suzanne

2000 - PHAEDRA, by Jean Racine. STAGE. Theatre Florent, Paris / France. Stage director: Stefana Brancastle

Lead: Phaedre

1999 - PAIN’S HUNDRED ECHOS - STAGE. Theatre Florent, Paris / France. Writer & Director: Stefana Brancastle

1997 - MEMORY OF YOU - STAGE, Theatre Florent, Paris / France. Writer & Director: Stefana Brancastle



2007-’09 LONDON FILM SCHOOL, UK. MA Filmmaking

2006 LONDON FILM ACADEMY, UK. Certificate: Directing & Filmmaking

2004 Shakespearean Drama, Private Training (RSC) Andrew Wade - London, UK

2000-’04 Shakespearean Drama, Private Training (RSC) Ruth Handlen, Paris, France

1997-‘00 COURS FLORENT, Paris, France. Post-Graduation Diploma in Dramatic

1992 Baccalaureate in Literature and Foreign Languages, Hammar Katedralskole, Norway

1986-’90 FINE ARTS UNIVERSITY “N.Tonitza”. Fine Arts Graduation Diploma